Adam Brix

Adam has worked in film, television and theatre - from drama to sitcom and from a very early age. Adam trained at The Lee Strasberg Institute of Los Angeles with teachers Marc Marno, Hedy Sontag and Carlos Calunga. Later he met director and teacher, the great Frank Corsaro and learned from him. He also assisted mr. Corsaro at workshops held in Copenhagen. Adam teaches according to the work of the given circumstances and Mr. Corsaros "Rock Bottom". For more information about workshops please visit Probe Studio.

Adam is also a Motion capture artist and has worked on several video games and VR projects. Adams background in martial arts led him into fight choreography and stunt coordination.

Adam has directed the plays: "Pårørende" & "Drengen, lyset og rummet" and is currently working on a new play for "Teater Hvide Rum".

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Awards / Nominations:

Bodil (Ditte & Louise) - Best supporting actor / nominee
Robertprisen (Ditte & Louise) - Best supporting actor / nominee EKKO Awards (Mod toppen af bjerget) - Male lead / nominee

Special skills:
Fight & stunt coordination
Guitar, piano & song
Martial arts